Australian Cattle Dog

Created in Australia for droving cattle over long distances, the Australian Cattle Dog is a medium-sized herding breed. The breed has a short coat that comes in two colours - red or blue. The Australian Cattle Dog is an independent, high energy breed. It should be affectionate and playful, though reserved with people it doesn't know, making the breed a candidate for a guard dog. With pricked ears, the Australian Cattle Dog should be well-conditioned and muscular. The breed should be symmetrical, with no part of the dog exaggerated. Weighing 33-49lbs, the Australian Cattle Dog stands 17-20" at the shoulder. The Australian Cattle Dog has an average life span of 13 years, which is a year or so longer than other breeds of it's size. The breed ages well, and many don't show old age until they die. Hip Dysplasia is not common in the breed, though the breed is affected by progressive retinal atrophy. The most common health issues reported by owners include elbow dysplasia, arthritis, pyometra, false pregnancy, infertility and blindness. [img]