A large herding breed, the Briard originates in France. A very loyal and protective breed, once bonded to their owners the Briard will be very protective of them. Aloof by nature, the breed must be shown that any new addition - human or otherwise - is not a threat, and must be accepted on their own terms. A very emotional breed, they are capable of being upset for a long time after their owner leaves, and celebrating very enthusiastically upon their return. Standing 22-27" at the shoulder, the Briard can be any variation of black, tawny or gray in colour. With a fine and tight undercoat, the outer coat is coarse, hard and dry, requiring an extensive amount of grooming. The Briard is one of a few breeds that has double dewclews on both rear legs. The lifespan of the Briard is 10-12 years, and are predisposed to blindness caused by stationary night blindness and progressive retinal atrophy. The Briard can excel at sports such as herding, agility, obedience, flyball, schutzhund and tracking.